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Sinus Surgery, Turbinate Reduction, Pillar Procedure for Snoring, Septoplasty - SINUS SURGERY

Sinus Surgery Los Angeles -

Welcome to the Rox Center for Sinus Disease and Snoring. Our doctors are experienced in all types of treatments and procedures for nose surgery in Los Angeles. The cutting edge techniques and surgical skill of our Los Angeles surgeons ensures the availability of the most effective treatment options with the quickest recovery and the least amount of discomfort possible for our patients.

Sinus problems are common and symptoms include pain, congestion, post nasal drip and headaches. Surgeons specializing in ear, nose and throat surgery can perform delicate sinus surgery to remove blockages using nasal telescopes. These state of the art instruments are used to perform endoscopic sinus surgery under either local or general anesthesia.

Please browse our website to learn more about options for nasal surgery in Los Angeles. You will find more information about sinus surgery, snoring and treatments for sleep apnea in Los Angeles. Click on each condition to learn more and read News and Updates to learn the latest information and treatment options for sinus problems and snoring in Los Angeles.

Call us today for more information about sinus surgery and treatments for snoring in Los Angeles. Contact our office at 888-425-8296 for more information or to schedule an appointment. You can also complete the online contact form with your name, contact information and question and submit the form. We respond quickly to all enquiries and our staff is happy to help.

News & Updates

Facts about sinus surgery
Date : 20-04-2011

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Los Angeles Sinus Surgery Remedies
Date : 13-04-2011

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Sinus Surgery Los Angeles is opening today
Date : 26-10-2010

Los Angeles Plastic Surgery Group Announces New Sinus Surgery Website Launch.   ... more »

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